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This story takes place in the middle of July 1981 when my friend and I decided to go camping at Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey. We loaded up my 1978 Chevy Nova with our camping gear and her Sun Fish sail boat on top. A Sun Fish is a very small sail boat about 14 feet long and about 4 feet wide it has a 3x2 hole in the center to hang your legs in while you are sailing. About The



We arrived at the reservoir about 6:30pm Friday evening, checked in at the rangerís station and drove the car down to the edge of the reservoir. Our plan was to sail across the reservoir to our campsite. We had never been there before and we didn't realize how big this reservoir was. However we didn't have much of a choice at this point it was now about 7:00pm and the only other way to get to our campsite was to hike around the reservoir (which is about 10 miles around) . We decided to go with the original plan and sail. We tied the camping gear on top of the Sun Fish and set sail.


It was now about 7:30 the sun was setting and the water was claim and there was no wind blowing at all. I had never sailed before so my friend was doing the sailing; I was just kind of hanging on. She appeared to be having some trouble steering the boat and it seemed we were just floating around with no direction. I kept asking her to sail toward the area in which we though our campsite was located. She answered, the boat is not responding the way it should and there is no wind blowing. This went on for about an hour. It was getting dark now and we both started to worry we were in the middle of this large reservoir with no lights, no life preservers, no wind and the boat was not moving at all.


Suddenly we heard a motor boat approaching and feared we would be hit by it, we started yelling for help as the boat approached hoping they would hear us before it hit us. Fortunately it did not hit us and passed right by within about 50 feet. Our little boat was rocked by the wake of water that boat created but we survived it. We were getting angry with each other at this point and we floated around for another hour or so not getting anywhere. Remember this is a sun fish very small boat with no place to really sit plus we had all the camping gear tied on to the boat which took up most of any surface space. Things were not looking good at this point. I feared another boat might come along and slam into us or we would flip over from the wake of another boat passing to close to us again, or if we fell asleep we might roll off into the water.


I decided it was time for me to pray and I prayed these words" Please dear God we need your help we are going to die out here tonight, Please help us get to shore " suddenly a strong wind kicked up and the boat started moving faster and even faster, then the bow of the boat started breaking water which means the front of the boat was slapping against the water as if the boat had a motor pushing it. This went on for about 10 minutes moving in a straight line and than suddenly the boat slowly and gently came to rest on the shore. We both looked at each other in amazement and asked what had just happened, we couldnít explain it. There had been no wind all night long out on the water and then suddenly this strong wind came out of nowhere right after I cried out to God for help. We decide to make camp right on the beach for the night and look for our campsite in the morning because it would be impossible to find it in the dark and we had no idea where we had landed in relationship to the campsite.


The next morning we decided to go look for our assigned campsite so we walked from the beach into the woods in a straight line and to our amazement the first campsite we saw was ours! Upon inspection of the boat we found out what the problem was, the steering ruder pin was not in place causing the ruder to just flop around in the water. So even if there was a wind blowing that night we still would have had a very hard time getting to where we wanted to go. We had set sail for disaster that night and no one but God could have saved us. I truly believe God answered my prayer that night and His hand pushed that boat to shore and saved our lives.


Questions to ask yourself about this story to help understand God's Hand in this. What are the odds of a strong enough wind kicking up to push that boat for 5 or 10 minutes in a straight line? Remember the boats ruder was not secured properly and it would not steer properly even with a wind blowing! With a shore line of 10 miles round what are the odds of landing in the exact spot on shore directly in front of our campsite in the middle of the night?  Praise Almighty God and thank you Lord Jesus for saving our lives.


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 Round Valley



 John Kirsch



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